Why Is It Critical for Your City to Assist the Homeless?

There are numerous reasons why you should help your city's homeless population. It has a negative impact not only on the homeless person, but also on the economy, putting a significant financial burden on city taxpayers. And the consequences go beyond the individual: a homeless encampment in your city can harm the local economy, degrade water quality, and harm tourism. All of these issues, according to Dr. Candice Matthews, can be avoided if local officials choose to assist homeless people in their own communities.In addition to the human impact on communities, homelessness has a significant impact on people's health. It has the potential to aggravate mental illnesses, make quitting drugs more difficult, and discourage people from seeking treatment for chronic medical conditions. In reality, homeless people frequently end up in crisis situations because they have nowhere to turn for assistance. Emergency rooms are frequently their only option for medical treatment.


Dr. Candice Matthews feels that city leaders and social professionals recognize the importance of working together to help the homeless. Collaboration, human-centered data collection methods, and communication efforts to raise awareness can all help to improve coordination. Furthermore, technology has the potential to make it easier to share critical data. Why is it necessary for your city to provide assistance to the homeless? You are assisting those who are in the greatest need. And, despite the difficulties they face, investing in the homeless makes sense.


As towns crumble, many large employers have relocated to cheaper locations. These residents no longer have a consistent source of income and must travel for long distances to work. Many people become homeless, living in shelters or in their cars. Long commutes and difficult circumstances contribute to an increase in violence and substance abuse. Now is the time to take action. But how do you go about it? By starting small and focusing on issues that affect the homeless, you can have a significant impact on the entire community. Families are evicted from their homes for a variety of reasons. These factors range from dangerous living conditions to natural disasters. Unexpected costs and work gaps are also included. While the causes of homelessness are complex, they do not diminish the need for additional treatments and initiatives. However, it is critical to remember that these are external factors that cannot be completely ignored. If these issues are addressed, the situation will improve. A healthy community is one in which everyone is happy and content. When a healthy community promotes a safe, stable environment, it will be easier to assist individuals in need. The ability to provide stable housing for people with disabilities and mental illnesses will result in increased income stability. In addition to improving housing access, providing services and initiatives to assist the homeless can help local officials make more efficient decisions.

Homelessness is a top priority in Denver. The city's homeless population is growing, and cities are interacting with them more directly. As a result of the increased visibility, community leaders are looking for ways to improve the local homeless situation. The cost of providing these services is enormous – over $500 million per year! In addition to dealing with the problem, the cities are working to recover from COVID-19.

Dr. Candice Matthews believes it is critical to address homelessness as a public health issue. People who are homeless are more likely to develop chronic illnesses and co-occurring disorders. Many of them are unable to find adequate housing. Increasing housing access is critical to achieving health equity within a generation. If your city does nothing, the problem will only worsen. As a result, assist the homeless today. You will not be sorry later.


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